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Metal Siding Ratings has collected consumer reviews of metal siding since 2010. When homeowners submit their reviews, they include a rating of their satisfaction that varies from 1 to 5: "Very Unsatisfied" to "Very Satisfied". The higher the rating, the higher the satisfaction. Here are the averages of those ratings for different brands of siding:

  1. Everlast
  2. Fabral
  3. Alcoa
  4. Gentek
  5. Alside

We have collected reviews on more than 20 brands of metal siding. However, the preceding list includes fewer than half of these. If we have only collected a few reviews, we run the risk that a single homeowner might bias the average rating too far in one direction For that reason, we have only included the average rating for brands that at least 5 consumers have reviewed. However, all of our metal siding reviews are available to the public.