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Mitten Vinyl Siding

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Mitten, Inc. is an independently owned vinyl siding manufacturer in Canada and the United States. The company has two facilities with 300 employees and also does business outside North America. The Mitten product line features a variety of options based on siding and accessories that are complementary.

Mitten Products

Mitten's Specialty Siding includes high performance and foam back padding collections with characteristics centered on functionality, style, and appearance. Classic vinyl styles are represented in the traditional siding, along with the premium series. Various trims and accessories, from vents to a home skirting system or soffit, can also be purchased through Mitten for customizing the exterior of a home.

Company History

In 1959, Doug Mitten started a plastic production company in Hespeler, Ontario, Canada. Mitten invented and patented a process for bonding a glazing spline on the inside of a rigid vinyl sash section and subsequently, Mitten began to expand the business to the Atlantic Provinces, which led to the opening of the first Canadian distribution center in 1980.

Mitten, Inc. has a 120,000 square foot plant in Paris, Ontario, 300 employees, and a variety of vinyl product lines. Mitten products are sold in the United States and Australia. Mitten's manufacturing process begins with raw materials that are carefully selected, and then tested at many points for consistency, impact, and heat resistance. Siding specialists work at Mitten with the latest available technology.

Customer Resources

On the Mitten website, customers can learn about products, how to install vinyl siding, where to purchase items, and the certification standards for manufacturing. Potential customers can also use the enVision It design tool to assist in the selection and application of Mitten siding and/or accessories.

Contact Information

Mitten, Inc.
225 Henry St., Building #5
Brantford, ON, Canada
N3S 7R4

Phone: 519 753-1810