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Everlast Siding

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Everlast metal siding is a product manufactured by Everlast Roofing, Incorporated. The company has three manufacturing and distribution centers and has been awarded the Rural Builder's Gold Key of Excellence Award in six consecutive years. Everlast metal siding can be used for industrial, commercial, and residential building projects.

Everlast Metal Siding Products

Everlast metal siding panels can be found in two separate lines offered by Everlast Roofing. The Everlast II series and the Everlast PBR panels can be used as roofing or siding material.

Everlast metal siding is produced using the trademarked Evercure process. The siding panels are formed with a heat process that creates a highly bonded surface. This process helps the siding to resist corrosion and to last longer than traditional metal siding.

Everlast History

Everlast Roofing, Incorporated was formed in 1997 by Craig Covell. The company was first located in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, with four employees. The company headquarters are currently in Lebanon, PA. A manufacturing plant was added in Bridgeton, Maine in 2001, due to increased sales. Another facility opened in 2004 in Howe, Indiana.

Covell developed the heat-forming process that is used to produce Everlast metal siding. The company continues to pursue ways to improve their siding products, including the development of the cut edge corrosion inhibitor (CECI), a clear coating applied to the panels at the end of the manufacturing process.

Resources for the Homeowner

Everlast metal siding cannot be purchased directly by consumers. Potential customers can contact the company and learn about vendors located throughout the country.

The company provides printed brochures with color swatches; these can be requested by customers. The company website offers users an application to design your own home or building. Customers can experiment with various color combinations.

How to Contact Everlast

Everlast Roofing, Incorporated
10 Enterprise Court
Lebanon, PA 17042
Telephone: 1-888-339-0059