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MaxiTile is a Texas-based company that specializes in roofing and siding products. The company's goal is to be recognised across North America as the top choice for fiber cement products.

Product Information

MaxiTile offers two main types of products. The first is Maxisiding which is made from sand, cement, water, cellulose fibers, and selected additives. The material is cured with pressurised steam to increase its dimensional stability as well as its strength.

The other product, Maxiroofing uses state-of-the-art technology and is manufactured with materials that consist of sand, cement, and both natural and synthetic fibers. In addition the roofing incorporates additives and pigments. This combination results in a product that is lightweight and east to install.

Company History

MaxiTile was first established in California in 1986 and its main business was the distribution of siding products and fiber cement roofing to Canada and the United States. MaxiTile is currently a member of the Mexalit Group which has been manufacturing concrete and fiber cement building products since the 1930's. After operating for 24 years out of California, Maxitile moved its corporate offices to San Antonio,Texas.

Consumer Resources

MaxiTile has at least three product options in the siding and roofing categories. Each MaxiTile product also comes with detailed installation instructions to ensure easy installation and a professional finish.

Consumers can browse the company gallery to get an idea of how MaxiTile products look once fully installed.

For answers to questions about MaxiTile products or how they are made and manufactured, the company provides a detailed FAQ section as well as customer service contact information.

How to Contact MaxiTile

12950 Country Parkway, Suite 180
San Antonio, TX 78216

Customer Service: (800) 451-2003