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Durabuilt Siding

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Durabuilt is a brand associated with siding and other exterior home products. The brand is owned by Ply Gem, a large building products company. Durabuilt makes vinyl siding in a large variety of different thicknesses and colors. Its products can be found mostly at Lowe's.

Company History

Ply Gem is a company that produces siding, fences, and windows; it sells them under a number of different brands (including Majestic, Variform, and Kroy). Its retailers are widely distributed, with the highest concentrations found in the eastern United States and western Canada.

PlyGem was founded in 1944 and is headquartered in Cary, NC. It employs around 5000 workers and its annual revenue is about $1.5 billion. PlyGem began making vinyl siding under the Durabuilt brand in 1986.

Durabuilt Products

In addition to vinyl siding, Durabuilt offers a number of accessories for home improvement. These are mostly corners, channels, and trim for capping the edges of siding panels.They include an F-shape for the ends of soffit panels, a J-shape for the edges of doors and windows, and an H-shape for the meeting of two panels. Durabuilt also makes trim coil for freeform masking of the edges of your siding.

Durabuilt's other products include snap-on gutter guards, designed for traditional 5" gutters.

Warranty Information

Durabuilt products come with a lifetime transferable warranty. For Durabuilt to recognize the legitimacy of a transfer, the new owner of the siding must register within 30 days of the event. The warranty covers manufacturing defects, color fade, and damage from hail.

Contact Durabuilt/Ply Gem

Ply Gem
5020 Weston Pkwy
Suite 400
Cary, NC 27513

Phone: (919) 677-3900