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TruWood Siding

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The TruWood Collection is engineered siding manufactured by the Collins Companies. Featuring several different styles and varieties, TruWood siding is designed for quality and longevity. Customers can purchase TruWood siding from a number of dealers across the country, such as the Home Center and Meeks.

TruWood Products

With panel and lap siding, TruWood offers an extensive line of products for a customized appearance. One of the advantages that the collections have is the look of wood at a reduced cost. Ranging from traditional to contemporary, the TruWood line includes rustic, cedar, and shake siding.

Company History

Since 1855, the Collins Companies have been family owned, starting with the timber operations that T.D. Collins established in Pennsylvania. Expanding west, the Collins family eventually managed 94,000 acres of softwood in northeastern California at the turn of the 20th century. Now, the Collins Lakeview Forest in southern Oregon and northern California are also part of the company's holdings. Collins Products, LLC. is known for manufacturing standard and certified exterior siding and particleboard, as well as standard hardboard siding and trim.

In 2009, the Collins Companies received the FSC Pacific Northwest Champion Award and the AWFS Sequoia Award, and the following other awards throughout the years: the Governor's Award for Environmental Sustainability, the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award, and the Environmental Excellence Award from Business Ethics Magazine. The company believes that as a result of its focus on protecting the ecosystem, third party, independent certification of the forestland, and its adherence to the Natural Step principles it is ensuring current and future preservation of its legacy.

Customer Resources

Homeowners can find pages of helpful information by visiting the website of the Collins Companies, specifically, the TruWood siding page. Details about each product, installation, warranties, and the other lines are easy to locate and/or download as needed.

Contact Information

1618 SW First Ave # 500
Portland, OR 97201

Phone: (503) 417-7755