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THOR Wood Siding

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Produced by maibec®, THOR Torrefied Wood siding provides a warm appearance with durability. Several products are included in the maibec line along with wood siding, such as timber and horticultural mulches. With a base of governments and financial institutions, materials and services suppliers, and a number of professional associations, the company is a recognized leader in the building industry.

THOR Products

The process that is used for THOR siding is called torrefaction, and it is a 100% natural prolonged high heat treatment. As a result, the wood is protected against decay and water absorption. Focusing on the natural manufacturing of every product is an important aspect of maibec sidings, and THOR wood contains no harmful chemicals.

Company History

Beginning with the production of lumber, maibec has branched out to offer three divisions and employs almost 800 people. Maibec´┐Ż is known for its continued supply of products to the construction and landscape markets throughout four regions of Quebec: Saint-Pamphile in L'Iset, Saint-Theophile in the Beauce, Shawville in Outaouais and in Greater Quebec City. However, maibec also has distributors of wood siding and other product lines across the United States.

Customer Resources

Various resources for THOR Wood siding are located on the maibec website. Customers can read the detailed explanation of Torrefaction, look at pictures of siding colors and options, find information about the installation and warranties of THOR Wood, and quickly download brochures. Each section of the website is clearly labeled for search convenience and siding samples are easily ordered in the THOR section as well.

Contact Information

maibec sidings
250 - 1990, 5e Rue
Saint-Romuald, Quebec G6W 5M6
Phone: 418-653-4354
Toll-Free Number: 1 800 363-1930