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Redwood Lumber and Supply Company

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Redwood Lumber and Supply Company owns and operates a 20-acre manufacturing and warehouse facility. The multi-million board-foot inventory of dry redwood allows the company to prepare most orders within two weeks, even custom siding patterns. Redwood Lumber and Supply also provides a specialized approach to redwood siding of the highest possible quality.

Redwood Lumber and Supply Products

With the Redwood Lumber and Supply Company product line, a comprehensive selection of siding, timbers, boards, and decking are all included. From economical redwood lumber products to top-notch stain grade, virtually every grade is represented in a number of sizes and a variety of patterns. Customized services are also available, such as sizing and existing pattern matching.

Company Profile

Located in California, the Redwood Lumber and Supply Company will deliver any size order, whether it is just one beam, board, or timber, or an entire truckload of stock. Because of its experienced staff, remanufacturing and custom pattern orders can be fulfilled. In addition, the company views redwood as a valuable building material and makes a point of handling each piece of inventory with care, from harvest to delivery. The company strives to provide quick and on-time processing of orders.

Customer Resources

Visiting the Redwood Lumber and Supply Company website will help customers understand how the products are stored and shipped from the facility. Also, there are many sources of information on the site to assist in selecting the right siding. Homeowners can easily download several booklets from the Reference Library, find the answers to frequently asked questions, look at a photo gallery, search through every product line for more details, and read testimonials from other customers.

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Redwood Lumber & Supply Company, LLC
30 Professional Center Parkway, Suite A
San Rafael, California 94903

Phone: 800.435.1236