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Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding

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Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding combines a traditional approach with advanced technology. Located in Canada, the company is part of Marwood Ltd. and known as a specialist in the manufacturing of pre-finished wood sidings, trims and complimenting accessories. Versatility and consistency are considered a part of the Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding brand, and customers can select from a wide range of options for color, style, and design.

Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding Products

Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding oversees the entire process to ensure quality at each stage. Beginning with selected Western Canadian Lodgepole Pine, the wood is kiln-dried and band-sawn in order to produce a textured face. Next, two coats of Olympic PPG Machine Coat, a 100% acrylic, breathable, water-based paint, are applied for a finish that provides maximum protection and endurance in numerous conditions. When purchasing wood siding, consumers have the benefit of many accessory possibilities that include inside and outside corners, skirt boards, window and door trim, crown and frieze boards, touch-up paint and caulking, and color-matched nails.

Company History

For three generations, the Marwood Ltd. company has been supplying lumber products and now, Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding is continuing the tradition with a natural, proven product line. Several dealers of Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding are distributing the products to Canada, the United States, Europe, and the U.K. Marwood Ltd. has retained the values of the original 1920s business while expanding and adapting to technological developments that are part of today's building industry.

Customer Resources

On the Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding website, customers can view pictures of each product, read a detailed description of the actual manufacturing process used, and locate a dealer that is nearby.

Contact Information

Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding
PO Box 48145
1948 Hammonds Plains Road
Bedford, NS
Canada B4A 1A0

Phone: 800-565-7577