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Champion Metal Siding

Champion Metal of Washington, Inc. began producing metal siding and roofing in 1978. The company's siding can be used for commercial, residential, and agricultural applications.

Products from Champion Metal

Champion Metal manufactures exposed fastener panels for siding purposes. These panels include ribbed panels in various widths and also corrugated panels. The siding panels are part of the Ultra Panel series.

The Champion metal siding panels are available in twenty-six, twenty-nine, and thirty gauge steel, either painted or galvanized. The steel siding can be ordered in a variety of colors, depending on the application.

The Ultra Panel siding panels are coated with zinc and then a three-layer process of paint is applied. The back of the panels are coated and painted as well. The Ceram-a-Star paint system involves paint that is made of polyester and ceramic fibers for a durable, long-lasting finish.

History of Champion Metal

Champion Metal operates in western Washington State. The headquarters are located in Woodinville, Washington. The company claims to be the only locally owned business that offers metal siding in that portion of the state. Champion Metal is rated very highly by the Better Business Bureau.

Resources for the Consumer

Champion Metal provides a wealth of customer information on its website. Installation manuals and product brochures can be downloaded, and a color guide is available. Material safety data sheets are provided and a maintenance guide to caring for metal siding is included.

Champion Metal offers delivery to western and central Washington on a regular schedule each week. Deliveries to worksites that have a forklift to unload the siding are free of charge. Customers can also receive the siding via common carrier.

How to Contact Champion Metal

Champion Metal of Washington, Inc.
5927 234th Street SE
P. O. Box 1624
Woodinville, WA 98072-1624
(800) 562-1014