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Nichiha Siding Company

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Nichiha is a technologically advanced worldwide fiber cement company driven by innovation. Originally designed to withstand the severe climate of Japan's heat, humidity, earthquakes and fire regulations, the Nichiha fiber cement products have stood the test of time through decades of extreme conditions.

Product Information

Nichiha produces high quality fiber cement products that fit the needs of owners, builders and architects of multifamily, commercial and residential properties. With dozens of different patterns and color options, Nichiha offers design options not typically found with other cement siding.

Company History

Nichiha Corporation was founded in 1956 as a manufacturer of hard board in Japan. The hard board produced went into the production of automobiles. The technology that was developed in producing hard board lead Nichiha into the production of fiber cement in the early 70’s. Nichiha produces a variety of fiber cement sidings and panels that generate over $900 million (US) in annual revenues and over 640 million square feet. Holders of the largest share (42%) of the fiber-cement panel market in Japan where 70% of all cladding is fiber cement, Nichiha continually develops technologically advanced products and innovative styles of fiber-cement panels to meet the changing needs of property owners worldwide.

Nichiha USA, Inc. was founded in 1998 in Atlanta, GA, as a subsidiary of the Nichiha Corporation and the Sumitomo Corporations of Japan and America. Nichiha USA markets and sells a full line of fiber cement products in the US and Canada.

Consumer Resources

Information on the Nichiha cement siding can be found at the Nichiha website. Consumers have access to brochures, technical documents, product photo galleries, and warranty information.

Consumers can view product performance information as well as a FAQ and Support & Education section for answers to installation, performance, and technical questions.

How to Contact Nichiha

Nichiha Corporation
6465 E Johns Crossing, Suite 250
Johns Creek, GA 3009