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Cemplank Cement Siding

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Cemplank offers a variety of siding products for the home. The company prides itself in providing siding made of materials which are different from existing siding products in the market.

Cemplank Lap Siding

This siding product is known to last a very long time so consumers can be sure that they are getting the best value for money. The siding is made to resemble cedar and is resistant to rotting and termites and is non-combustible.

Consumers have the choice of sidings of different sizes and textures to cater for various needs. The Traditional Cedar siding comes in a 5/16'' thickness and ranges in size from 6 1/4'' up to 12''.

Cempanel Vertical Siding

For an alternative to strand board or hard wood panel siding, Cemplank provides vertical siding. Again, there are various textures and sizes to choose from. This siding comes in a smoothed or grooved cedar style and comes in 4' x 8' sizes.

Cemtrim Boards

The Centrim board is made of fiber cement and can be installed and painted just like wood with the added benefit of durability. The material is made to stand up to very harsh conditions. It comes in a 7/16" thickness and sizes of 3-1/2" x 12', 5-1/5" x 12', 7.5" x 12', and 11.5" x 12'.

Care and Maintenance of Cemplank Siding Products

The most important time to be vigilant with this product is at the point of installation. For lap and vertical siding, consumers should be careful to not over-drive nails into the material as this can cause dimpling in the siding. When installing the Centrim board, do not let the material remain in contact with standing water. In addition, stain should not be used on the board.


The lap siding and vertical siding carries 25 year express limited transferable product warranty and the main highlights are: • During the warranty period, if the siding is found to be defective before it is installed, the manufacturer will replace it or replace up to twice the cost of the defective product within the first 10 years. • The warranty does not cover damage to the siding due to improper storage, installation or handling. The Centrim board offers a 10 year limited transferable product warranty and coverage is very similar to that of the siding products.