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Nichiha Cement Siding

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Nichiha fiber cement products are visually unmatched in texture, beauty and quality and offer design flexibility for commercial and residential properties. The Nichiha patented clip installation system for brick and stone creates a pocket of air between the panels and the substrate. This reduces moisture build up and enhances the integrity of the substrate.

Nichiha fiber cement products resist rot, fungus and termite infestation. Extreme weather conditions will not cause Nichiha products to crack or delaminate. Nichiha fiber cement panels are as easy to cut and handle as other fiber cement siding products. It installs easily and quickly, with no special tools required. Blending beautifully with a broad spectrum of traditional siding products and siding trim accessories, Nichiha fiber cement products offer a wide array of design solutions for every building style.

Developing Fiber Cement Technology for decades, the Nichiha Corporation has led the fiber cement industry worldwide with many technological advances in materials development and manufacturing processes.

All Nichiha fiber cement products are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities and either meet or exceed all industry specifications and testing standards. Exacting quality control systems and high material standards have lead the way to Nichiha producing the finest fiber cement products that are unrivaled in performance, quality and beauty.