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Review Written: 2019-06-05

MaxiTile Review: "I has water damage and needs to be torn out and replaced."

Name: Greg buck
Location: Simi Valley ,ca

Cement Siding Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

I will never use brand again.

Review Written: 2017-05-03

MaxiTile Review: "Pres. of a condo association"

Name: Steve
Location: Wales, WI

Cement Siding Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

Very dissatisfied with the product. The main problem is the large gaps. The representative states that they allow for a 1/4 inch gap. This type of gap looks terrible and they cannot show proof of the rule. They also keep blaming the installer for all the problems. This same contractor installed Hardie on some of our other buildings and so far, after 5 years, no problems. Will never buy this product again. They do not stand up to their warranty.

Review Written: 2015-02-20

MaxiTile Review: "MaxiTile Continues to Build Strong"

Name: Don Taylor
Location: San Antonio, TX

Cement Siding Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

I've never had an issue with MaxiTile siding cracking or shrinking and I've used MaxiTile fiber cement products for many years and the brand is easy to install and lasts a long time. The company seems to only sell roofing products now and from my experience, the roofing products are good, too. When I've had any kind of problem and I've called MaxiTile's customer service, they bend over backwards to help me. I read the other reviews on here and am surprised to hear about the shrinkage issues. I always allow for a contingency when I install and have never seen it crack at face nailing. Maybe the installation went wrong somewhere with these folks. It happens. Heck, even James Hardie has its long-list of bad reviews. I'd recommend MaxiTile.

Review Written: 2014-04-28

MaxiTile Review: "Shrinks"

Name: All Cracked Up
Location: Northern Illinois
Model: Wood grain

Cement Siding Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

Put this stuff up in Oct of 2012, by Sept 2013 it had shrunk nearly 1/4, cracking the siding anywhere it was face nailed. Of course the company blames the installation, that it was wet or handled incorrectly. They blame that the ends were not primed which is not true, or the nails were over driven, again not true. It was delivered under wrap and stayed that way until installed. Now the company is claiming 1/4 shrinkage it acceptable and that I should have allowed 1/8 inch gap so enough caulk could be crammed into the joint to allow shrinkage. This was not mentioned in the install instructions. Now they are telling me I should have only face nailed it not at any joint but one stud back. Again, not any warning in the instructions. They are pulling the "well all houses expand and contract" bull. That much? My brick facing is over 30 foot long and it is not cracked and has no expansion joints. Now it looks as if they may refund me a few pieces, ONLY the pieces that failed. In order to do a in place repair it has to be face nailed which is how the original stuff cracked! To fix it right I have to take it all down and start over. If I'm doing that I might as well start with a different product.

Review Written: 2014-04-20

MaxiTile Review: "It shrinks"

Name: John Smith
Location: Midwest
Model: Cedar Mill

Cement Siding Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

Installed MaxiTile Plank Siding on the Southern exposure of my house. Within 12 months it shrunk 1/4 inch at the butt joints, cracking all face nailing. Filed a claim and they claim 1/4 or less is acceptable, mine is "only" 15/64, but it's cracked. At some point this stuff is gonna fall off the wall. Seem to be very temperature sensitive, below zero the gaps seem to increase. I've had to defend the installation. NO it was not stored incorrectly, NO it was not installed wet (it never rained the month I installed it), no the nails were NOT over driven, YES I did prime the ends (what does that have to do with the entire product shrinking?), YES I installed vapor barrier at each butt joint. They are complaining because I do not have an EXACT 144 inch piece to compare. I tried to explain that if I start on the one side with a 5/4 trim to hit a stud I had to trim 1/4 inch off a full piece. They seem to imply since I do not have a "full" 144 inch piece to compare the warranty is not valid. There is nothing in the warranty about requiring a 144 inch piece or anything about the 1/4 inch shrinking criteria. This garbage is made in Mexico by Elementia who I suspect outsources it to yet another company. My guess it there simply poor quality control, and very poor process control. There is a date on the siding, but no batch numbers, no manufacture location, nothing to tie it to a bad run of product. MaxiTile when bankrupt in the early 2000's, presumably from massive class action lawsuits. Seems they moved to Texas and set up shop again. All they do is resell the garbage they buy from Elementia in Mexico. Menards (it's a Midwest thing) it their major distributor. The Coefficient of Thermal Expansion for fiber cement is .0000067 per inch per degree. I'm seeing about 2000%+ more than that. Not sure what they did wrong, didn't autoclave it correctly, mixed it wrong, or delivered it wet. When I installed it, it did not "feel" wet although I did not measure it. A wood moisture meter will not work on cement products, nor was there any warning in the instructions that you needed to be aware of possible manufacturing defects. In the instructions they do state if the product becomes wet to wait 2-3 days to allow the product to dry out. Mine was never wet, never rained on and always covered. I did everything right and the stuff failed and I am having to fight with the company. I have been fighting them for 5 months, filling out forms, answering the same dang questions over and over, send them the same types of pictures over and over again. I suppose the good news is they are actually responding to me, although slowly. Not sure if I would want the guys job it is to make all the complaints go away. I get the sense they don't get they are making a bad product at times and causing huge financial messes. Installing fiber cement siding is not fun and is a ton of work.

Review Written: 2014-03-08

MaxiTile Review: "No kidding it shrinks"

Name: John Cushman
Location: Wauconda, Il

Cement Siding Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

Installed in Sept of 2012. Has shrunk about 1/4 inch per 12 feet. Has broken any face nailing. I have opened a warranty with the manufacturer but getting the run around. Yes it was install correctly, it was not wet when put up. No the nails were not over driven. Yes the ends were primed. Stuff is made in Mexico. MaxiTile went bankrupt in early 2000's. Actually the stuff is manufactured by Elementia of Mexico.

Review Written: 2012-04-21

MaxiTile Review: "Beware of Maxitille, it shrinks"

Name: Keith Wohlleber
Location: Farmington, MN.

Cement Siding Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

I installed Maxitile siding on the west side of my home and several have shrunk within 5 months. Therefore it cracks where it is nailed. There really is no way to replace it, but to tear it off and start over again.

Review Written: 2011-01-03

MaxiTile Review: "MaxiTile Cement Siding"

Name: Lane Doherty
Location: Satsuma, Al

Cement Siding Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

I LOVE this siding. It has held up through thick and thin. I wouldn't think twice about choosing this exact siding again, if ever needed. There isn't one thing that I dislike about my siding.