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Champion Metal Siding

Champion Metal of Washington, Incorporated produces metal siding and roofing panels in Woodinville, Washington. John DeVore is the president of the company, which has been in business since 1978.

Metal Siding Lines

The appearance of the metal siding varies by the number of ridges on the siding panels offered by Champion Metal. Champion metal siding is also referred to as exposed fastener panels. These include the ultra, wide-rib, hi-rib, 4-V, and corrugated panels. The names refer to the pattern of ridges on each panel. The metal siding can be galvanized steel or a painted finish.

A variety of colors are available for the metal siding, depending on the application. The company website lists sixteen colors for agricultural-use siding. Five residential colors are shown, and fifteen are given for garage and storage buildings.

Champion Metal offers accessories for metal siding installation such as inside and outside corner trim. The company also sells screws, tools, and sealant; these items are necessary for proper installation.

Consumer Resources

Customers can download guides from the Champion Metal website for everything from installation to tax incentives to maintenance. The color guide for the metal siding and roofing provides some interesting features. Consumers can click on the type of building the metal siding would be applied. This menu brings up the appropriate colors offered for that type of building. The customer can then create custom looks to get an idea about different color choices.

Warranty for Champion Metal Siding

Champion Metal offers a forty-year limited warranty for their exposed fastener metal siding. The first ten years are covered one hundred percent if a customer has a problem with the siding. After that point in time, the customer is made whole on a sliding scale. The warranty can be transferred if the owner sells the building, though the company must be informed of the transaction.