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Fabral Siding

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Fabral has a number of manufacturing plants that produce metal roofing and siding across the United States. Various styles are included in the product lines, from traditional or classic to contemporary. Plus, Fabral offers energy efficient options and several accessories to compliment each product as well.

Fabral Exposed Fastener Panels

With a tough, steel construction, the MP Panel by Fabral is designed for either roofing or siding applications. The protective galvanized coating ensures durability at an economical price range with dirt and stain resistance to make cleaning easy. MP panels feature vertical lines, a variety of colors, and are versatile enough to be installed in a residential, commercial, or industrial structure.

Resisting dirt accumulation, a high-performance silicone-modified polyester paint system retains the finish of AluTuff and AluTuff II Panels. Low maintenance, the effective resin technology, a lasting appearance, and an impressive value are some of the attributes of the AluTuff line for Fabral.

Care and Maintenance of Metal Siding

On the Fabral website, consumers are advised to have metal roofing and siding inspected yearly as a precaution. Homeowners can check with the individual instructions that pertain to a particular series for the optimal maintenance recommendations from the company. Siding should be cleaned regularly by removing twigs, dust, and leaves as needed in order to prevent moisture entrapment, premature corrosion, or deterioration of the finish that can take place over time.


Quality assurance is provided in the form of a 25-Year Limited Paint Warranty and a 10-Year Fade and Chalk Warranty for Fabral's MP Panel series. A Lifetime Film Integrity Warranty and a 30-Year Warranty against Fade and Chalk apply to both walls and roofs for the AluTuff and AluTuff II collections. New owners will also receive the following Edge Rust Warranties against Acid Rain: 15-Years for AluTuff and 10-Years for AluTuff II.