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James River Steel Metal Siding

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James River Steel, Incorporated manufactures corrugated metal siding in galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. These types of metal sidings have an array of uses, especially in industrial settings. They come in a wide variety of dimensions.

Siding Lines

James River Steel specializes in stainless steel products, including siding. Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion; higher grades are used in dairy facilities and other types of buildings where sanitation is a top priority. James River Steel supplies a three hundred series and four hundred series of stainless steel siding. Customers can choose the level that best fits their application.

Pure aluminum is somewhat soft, so other compounds and metals are added to strengthen the aluminum siding at James River Steel. The company offers the three thousand series, which serves a variety of uses. Two standard gauges are available, as well as Aluminum 409 AZ, which is a stainless steel piece dipped into heated aluminum.

James River Steel metal siding can also be procured in galvanized steel. This line is offered in an array of gauges, and several different coatings can be added. The finishes include siliconized polyester, kynar polyester, and vinyl plasticol. Industrial coatings add protection to the metal siding from the elements and corrosive substances found in manufacturing settings.

Screws and fasteners that work with the corrugated metal siding are offered by James River Steel. Special fasteners are available for attaching to wood or other siding panels.

Consumer Resources

The James River Steel website offers specifications for each type of metal siding. Customers can submit an online form for a brochure or a price quotation.


The company promotes its customer service and offers custom products for customers who want to design their own metal siding.