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Review Written: 2011-05-28

EMCO Review: "Look like wood, lasts like steel."

Location: Portland, OR
Model: Weathered Wood

Metal Siding Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

I had a house that looked great inside but was a bit scary on the outside. After putting in a few plants and painting twice in four years I decided to go with something a little easier to keep up. Metal siding seemed like a good choice since the cost of painting would eventually be larger than the price of the siding although the out of pocket was a bit high. After some research I worked with a local company who recommended the Emco Weatheredwood which actually looks a bit like it did before but should last years. The stuff is hard to dent and I tried trust me. When it gets dirty I just wash it off with a hose and a big nizzle. I do that every few months and the house almost always looks like brand new from the outside. While the installation took a little longer than I would have liked I will be sipping on lemonade this summer instead of painting and that is worth every penny. I have had several compliments from neighbors on the new siding and am very happy with my decision to go with the metal siding from Emco.

Review Written: 2011-05-15

EMCO Review: "Metal Siding, The Way To Go!"

Location: Kansas City, KS
Model: Weathered Wood Steel

Metal Siding Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

When I was referred to metal siding at first I was unsure. I was more old-school and wanted the normal, basic siding. When my friend told me all the great things about metal siding I decided to look into it myself, I found out even greater things and made the switch! The main thing that hooked me was the amount of maintenance that it took to keep up metal siding, almost none! Also, it's a great insulator, cutting down on my gas and bill in the summer and winter. The siding to almost no time at all to install and was in my price range. The people at Johnson County Siding & Window were great and they suggested EMCO steel siding. Although I haven't had any problems with my siding yet, the one drawback in my opinion is denting. I live in Kansas so we have all kinds of weather, especially hail, which means my siding could get damaged and the installers said it may be difficult to repair. Never the less I still love my metal siding and I'm glad I upgraded.