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Review Written: 2011-06-02

Evergreen Review: "Evergreen Metal Siding Styrene Plastic"

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Model: 4530

Metal Siding Satisfaction Rating:
3 of 5 stars Neutral

I purchased the Evergreen metal siding sheets a few years ago to update the siding of a shed that I have outside our home. I purchased the sheets through Amazon at a fairly affordable rate and received them promptly the same week. The first thing I noticed about the siding was that it looked a lot less like metal than I had hoped. The siding is made from Styrene plastic and cut to look like metal, but honestly, it's not very convincing. Despite the appearance, the sheets have held up well over the past several years- even in the winter months. I've closely inspected them several times since installation and the siding remains well intact- no paint chips, no cracks- it's truly held up very well. Over all the Evergreen siding is a nice, economical, user friendly alternative to typical metal siding. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap way to enhance a small barn or shed.

Review Written: 2011-06-01

Evergreen Review: "The metal siding more durable than I've seen"

Location: moscow, ID

Metal Siding Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

I've owned the metal siding for two years and it was used on a barn. I like that the metal doesn't have any damage caused by the weather or something like that. I also like that it's very cheap and I think that until now I have not found something which I dislike about it. I have never had to repair it. I really recommend this brand because I checked other brands but this is cheap and I can say that it is very good.

Review Written: 2011-05-15

Evergreen Review: "Excellent metal siding, well worth the money."

Location: Wichita, KS

Metal Siding Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

I put up this metal siding two springs ago back in 2009. So I have owned it now for two years and I have been very satisfied up to this point. What I like about it most is the design and durability of the siding. It looks great on my home and it provides it with the protection that I need. We get a lot of severe weather here, tornadoes and thunderstorms and I worry about it getting blown off in high winds. This though has not been a problem with this siding. The only thing I dislike about this was putting it up, I did it myself and it was difficult but I am no handy man. I would recommend letting the experts install it. I have only had it for two years but it shows no signs of needing repair or replacement at this point and it has survived a few really nasty wind storms. I would certainly buy this brand again and I am considering recommending it to my mother who is due for new siding.

Review Written: 2011-05-15

Evergreen Review: "Metal Siding: Durable and Cheap"

Location: Omaha

Metal Siding Satisfaction Rating:
4 of 5 stars Somewhat Satisfied

I recently purchased this metal siding for our two story duplex last year and it has proved quite efficient. The main thing I like about it is that it is lightweight, durable and also very cheap. The The main thing that I dislike about it is that, to me, it is rather tacky and looks a little questionable. However, given how well it serves its function and how inexpensive it was, I hardly have any regrets for buying it, except for maybe when having company over and having to explain that it was a good deal. I have yet to need to replace it because it is so durable, but I haven't had it for all too long so you never know. The bottom line is that if you are in need of a quick fix or are not looking to spend a lot of money to put siding on your house then this product does the job, and does it well. There is no doubt to me that if everything is okay with this product from now on and I don't have any problems with it then I would buy this product again or similar products from this manufacturer, and I will and have already recommended this product to friends and family members. Metal siding may not be the most atractive option, but this brand is very cheap and cost effective.