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Review Written: 2011-04-29

North Star Review: "Loving the Sound of Ping Ping Ping"

Location: Pittsburg, PA

Metal Siding Satisfaction Rating:
4 of 5 stars Somewhat Satisfied

So eventually after having to replace regular wooden siding on my home I decided to try some metal sidings. Of course I thought this would solve the problem of leaks and it did for the most part but left me with a variety of other inconveniences. I've had this siding for over a year now. I like the fact that it keeps leaks and other problems that can arise with other materials for home siding. I dislike the sound of the rain or the rattling of the wind as the sheets are always blown upward. I don't know what happened at the installation phase but a good strong gust of wind will rip a sheet of metal up and then it's all night flapping of metal. I'm constantly replacing this and fixing it. The warranty tells me this is not covered. At no time would I ever recommend this to my friends or enemies.

Review Written: 2011-03-28

North Star Review: "My first residence with metal siding, very pleased"

Location: Cincinnati, OH
Model: five star

Metal Siding Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

My current house is the first place I've lived with metal siding. We've lived here about a year, although the house has been sided this way for several years more. The big thing to love about metal siding is cleanliness. My parents had vinyl siding and I remember long days with dad, hosing off the lichen and dirt. Metal siding seems to stay quite clean and does not stain or attract lichen, moss, etc. On the other hand it does attract dents- while objects generally just bounce off of vinyl siding, there are dents on the side of my house from a previous owner's child tossing a ball against it. This brings up another nice aspect of this siding- it's painted, and it's several years old, but the color (barn red) is still quite vibrant. I've never had to repair my siding, I doubt I would do it myself anyway since I know next to nothing about siding. I would recommend this siding to others for its durability and color-fastness. If I have to re-side my home (which I doubt) I would totally pick this siding again- I'm all about durability in my home. In fact, I'm considering switching to a metal roof from the same company when the money is available (this make of siding can actually be used to roof, although matching roofs and walls might look a little odd).