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Review Written: 2011-01-09

Sears Review: "Metal Sided Home"

Location: Kearns, UT

Metal Siding Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

We've owned our siding for 7 years, going on 8. When we moved into our home the siding was already on the house. I really like the color, texture, and how it makes the house have a 'flow' to it visually. The only thing I don't like about our siding is how it fades, but that's going to happen with anything really. We have to replace a few pieces on the front of the house do to my husband backing into it and damaging it. We lived here for 6 years before having to replace anything. We also need to fix the area under the gutters, but it's average wear and tear. We haven't done the repairs yet to report on how it went. But I suspect it will go smoothly. Yes, I will most likely replace the damaged pieces with the same brand and I would definitely recommend this brand to friends looking for siding.