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United States Seamless Steel Siding

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United States Seamless steel siding combines visual appealing exteriors with durability to increase the quality of each product. With many options, such as custom lengths, a palette of colors, and various styles, the company strives to develop exclusive collections that are virtually free of maintenance and backed by a solid warranty. United States Seamless has several accessories to help people design the exact look of their home.

Platinum Series

Platinum Series siding from United States Seamless features nine layers that are permanently adhered to a galvanized steel core. Once adhered, a ten-step thermo bonding coil-coating process effectively captures the texture and grain of wood, followed by a consistent application of paint. Enhanced with a ceramic, hybrid finish, the DuPont Teflon surface protector is used to ensure the siding will maintain its new appearance during harsh weather.

Mountain Cedar Collection

Natural cedar is a popular choice for siding because it's visually appealing. It's also engineered to resist extreme temperature changes or react poorly to harsh climate conditions the way real wood does.

Northwoods Collection

Similar to the Platinum Series, the Northwoods Collection is produced with nine permanently adhered layers, a ten-step coating process, color consistency, and weather resistance. Focusing on a more rustic approach, the Northwoods Collection conveys the look of a log cabin without the normal wear concerns associated with wood finishes.

Designer Collection

Designer Collection siding from United States Seamless concentrates on a traditional, classic elegance, plus the benefits of steel.

Care and Maintenance of Steel Siding

Cleanings are recommended for owners of United States Seamless steel siding, including simple rinses of the exterior when necessary to wash away dust and dirt.


A Lifetime Non-Prorated, Transferable Limited Warranty, and a Lifetime Transferable Non-Prorated Hail Warranty apply to all steel siding by United States Seamless.