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Review Written: 2021-06-03

Georgia Pacific Review: "Poor quality and poorer customer service"

Name: Kelly Caron
Location: Saco, Maine
Model: Compass

Vinyl Siding Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

Georgia Pacific Plygem Compass Vinyl Siding in Sagebrook color. I assure all of you great folks out there you DO NOT want to buy from this company. Pathetic is the best word to describe the product quality and Con Artist is the best way to describe the company. I purchased the siding late 2017, installation in early 2018, and noticeably faded in late fall 2019 and more so in early spring 2020. By late summer 2020, the fading was beyond terrible. I tried to get my house washed in summer 2020 and the company came and saw the disaster, and refused to until I spoke with my siding company about warranty. They said they wash houses all the time and especially new houses and have NEVER seen anything like it. They couldnít believe a company sold anyone this product. I live in Maine so itís not like the sun is very damaging here. If it canít handle the sun then it wonít survive anywhere. Recall it. For the customer service side, I called and received the incorrect claim package. The agent was a witchaflang. I called again and got the correct claim package. Agent was still a witchaflang. Once all the claim package components were received including a piece of siding (seriously?!!!! Just send a Rep to see in person!!!!!!!) I was immediately denied. They said the warranty specifically does not cover fading. Ummm... ok morons. That makes absolutely ZERO sense. Then the letter said that they needed clearer photos because they noticed in some photos it was white and discolored and maybe they could review it again. Well Iím not a photographer. And itís not that easy. And DUH itís fading thatís why all the white!!!!!!!!! Itís ALL white now. OMG like I know people out there are con artists but BACK YOUR PRODUCTS. Send a rep. Make good on the pile of literal crap you sold me. Worst company ever. I assure you my story is NOT over. Itís just beginning baby!!!!

Review Written: 2014-04-29

Georgia Pacific Review: "Don't Buy"

Name: Nicole
Location: upstate, NY

Vinyl Siding Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

The product I am using got discontinued before my house was even finished. My options are to get siding that doesn't match or I can rip off all the existing siding and buy all new siding and pay my contractors to do the same job over again. My advice - Do Not Use Georgia Pacific Siding.

Review Written: 2011-10-01

Georgia Pacific Review: "problems with performance with G P vision pro siding"

Name: Karl Krei
Location: N.E.Ga.
Model: Vision Pro

Vinyl Siding Satisfaction Rating:
1 of 5 stars Very Unsatisfied

I know times have changed and in some cases so have products. As a carpenter I am sometimes shocked to see a product and or a manufacturer change. I have used a lot of G.P.'s materials and I have been well satisfied over the years trusting in their products. Until now that is, when I buy a product that has a warranty I feel I am making a good choice not only for myself but also for my customer. In late February of this year I recommended Georgia Pacific vision pro vinyl siding because I have used it many times in the past and even have it on my own house. The job came out swell I even took pictures of before and after for my portfolio. Then three months later I stopped by only to discover that the siding had warped not a little but a lot all over. So I remembered the warranty and called the supplier who gave me contact information I called and was sent a packet from Georgia Pacific representative I followed the instructions took photos and sent back the claim forms. I waited about five weeks for a response I received a generic letter that said that they were not responsible but that I was due to improper installation. I was offended and shocked by the letter, I happen to take pride in my work and in my abilities. 30 years of experience tells me I am right never having had similar problems with any of my other projects. I believe they have changed the manufacturing process and or the producer and in so doing have themselves changed as well. So be warned the word warranty has no meaning to Georgia Pacific any longer.

Review Written: 2011-05-28

Georgia Pacific Review: "Vinyal Siding a Good Choice for Home Owners"

Location: North East New Mexico
Model: Almond Vision Pro D5

Vinyl Siding Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

Last year when I built my house, I wanted to use vinyl siding. Since I live in a cold in the winter, hot in the summer area in the southwest, I needed a product that would hold up to the weather extremes. After Reading lots of reviews and opinions on various websites, as well as talking to a few vinyl siding sales people, I decided that the Almond Vision Pro D5 product line b Georgia Pacific was what my house needed. The siding was not very expensive, and I had professionals install it, as my health prohibited me from doing it myself. It took two full days to install, but it looks great! My winter heating bills were reduced by about 15% from the previous winter, and I attribute it to the siding. The siding has not peeled, split, or discolor despite the wet winter. I would recommend this siding to a new home owner, or even just a home owner that is wanting a new look for there house, as it has not only appeal benefits, but helps with heating/cooling costs as well.

Review Written: 2011-05-21

Georgia Pacific Review: "My former house's siding."

Location: Charles City, IA

Vinyl Siding Satisfaction Rating:
2 of 5 stars Somewhat Unsatisfied

I replaced my siding with Vinyl siding around 5 years ago. I would not recommend this product to friends. You get what you pay for. The first time you singe a rock out from under the lawnmower, you will have a hole. The color fades to fast over time and doesn't come clean all that well.

Review Written: 2011-05-18

Georgia Pacific Review: "Everyone should get this for there house Its so easy to put up"

Location: orange ma

Vinyl Siding Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

I liked every thing to do with the vinyl siding that i bought for my home. i put it up with one of my buddys and it only took us like 3 days to completly sie my house. and we had some mud get on siding and all i had to do was spray the hose at it and it came right off. i am ompletly satified with my vinyl siding

Review Written: 2011-04-06

Georgia Pacific Review: "Georgia Pacific siding review"

Location: virginia beach, VA

Vinyl Siding Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

I Have replaced the siding on my home with Georgia Pacific vinyl siding and it is wonderful. Georgia Pacific offers many color options to fit anyone style and that help up as if it were new. Georgia Pacific Vinyl Siding has a complete line of vinyl siding with the colors, profiles, thicknesses and finishes that will suit all your needs and budgets. I would highly recommend Georgia Pacific to anyone looking to purchase siding on there home, most dealers offer many choices and knowledgeable people to help you decide what is right for you, not only will you get great service and satisfaction from your siding , Georgia Pacific offers a lifetime transferable warranty and color thought the siding so scratches are almost invisible! I love my new siding.

Review Written: 2011-03-22

Georgia Pacific Review: "The Summer My Husband Fixed Our Siding"

Location: Elyria, OH
Model: Model Number 531646

Vinyl Siding Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

We were in the process of buying our home and to get the loan approved we needed to do so major updates-siding the house was one of them. We could not afford to hire anyone so my husband decided to buy "the idiots guide" line of books on home repair. With that in hand he went to our local Lowe's in Elyria. He told the salesperson what we needed and wanted. He bought mid-line. It was all we could afford. But after a few mess ups and extra trips it looks great. We've power washed it in the spring and summer months and have not had any issues with denting or discoloration. It has not come unattached during any heavy snow or rainstorms. It made our home go from looking old and run down to newer in a matter of a weekend. We chose this style for the price and the colors. The price fit our newely wed budget and the colors fit our midwest style. They came in browns, chocolates, and tans. To date it has been adhered for almost two years and we have not had to replace it at all. I would buy it again and I would recommend it. To have a nice outcome you don't always have to buy the most expensive, top of the line.

Review Written: 2011-01-24

Georgia Pacific Review: "New siding used on my renovated house"

Location: Muskogee, OK

Vinyl Siding Satisfaction Rating:
4 of 5 stars Somewhat Satisfied

I bought my house almost four years ago, right after it was completely renovated. I like the general durability so far of the siding that was used on the house. It is made by a manufacturer called Georgia Pacific which happens to have a local facility where I live. I believe that may be a factor in people choosing the brand itself, since it is well known in this area. The only detail I'm not entirely thrilled with is how much dirt seems to show on the siding. But I have to take into account that the color is a light grey with white trim, so there's not really anything I can do about the visible dirt except power wash the exterior. But that brings about the durability issue of siding, and so far I have been pleased with how well it holds up against a mild pressure wash. I would recommend this siding to a friend since overall I've been happy with it. As of yet, I haven't needed to repair or replace any part of the exterior siding.

Review Written: 2011-01-06

Georgia Pacific Review: "Using Georgia-Pacific White Vinyl Siding"

Location: Hartford, Il

Vinyl Siding Satisfaction Rating:
3 of 5 stars Neutral

I recently had my old aluminum siding replaced with Georgia-Pacific White vinyl siding from a local hardware store. The newly hung, bright white vinyl really improved the appearance of my home, however, in less than 18 months I have had to have replacement pieces put back onto the home. Several pieces have cracked, bust, or simply fell apart. During the summer of 2010 a neighbor boy hit a baseball and it hit the side of my home and caused three pieces to shatter apart. Removing and rehanging new pieces can be a bit time consuming since they are layered onto the structure. I honestly cannot wait for this spring to come as I am researching new siding options. This procduct as been nothing but a hassle and annoyance. I can honestly say I will never use this brands vinyl siding again on anything. I have contacted the company in hopes of maybe seeing if it was just a faulty batch considering several home-owners recommended this product.

Review Written: 2011-01-06

Georgia Pacific Review: "My vinyl siding review"

Location: Raleigh, NC

Vinyl Siding Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

My home currently has vinyl siding on it. The brand is Georgia-Pacific. This siding has been on my home for at least 3 years now. There are three things I really like about this siding. First off, even though the people who put it on did a poor job, the siding has held up really well. I say they did a poor job because they never took off the existing siding. I think my vinyl siding has done a great job even though there is another layer of existing vinyl underneath. The second thing I like about my siding is the color. It is a beautiful, gray blue color. The third thing I like is the fact it seems to repel most dirt. I notice many homes look dingy from the elements, but mine does not. I have no complaints about my siding, so there is nothing I would change about it. I would use this brand again, and I would recommend it to a friend or family member.

Review Written: 2011-01-03

Georgia Pacific Review: "It is siding"

Name: Joseph

Vinyl Siding Satisfaction Rating:
4 of 5 stars Somewhat Satisfied

Our vinyl siding was put on about 15 years ago and it still looks like the day it went on. It is easy to clean and has a roughed surface so it looks sort of like wood but is still clearly vinyl.

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