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Review Written: 2011-05-18

Cedar Plank Review: "Wood siding has its pros and cons"

Location: Sweet Home, OR

Wood Siding Satisfaction Rating:
2 of 5 stars Somewhat Unsatisfied

It has been on the house for about 10 years (8 years when my aunt owned the house and the 2 years I have owned it). While I love love love the look and how sturdy the product is but since the company has now gone out of business and there is no one else making the same style we are having to hand craft replacement pieces as we replace the windows on the house. The product holds up to my dad and his crazy ideas that sometimes means things getting bumped into the house. If it was still made I would recommend it because it is a solid product and holds up well but since it is not and there is no way to replace it easily I would tell people to avoid the product. I would however recommend high quality wood siding over many other products because after 10 years this product still looks new where my neighbors vinyl siding looks like it about to fall off the house.