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Review Written: 2011-03-22

Quacent Review: "Beautiful wood siding that makes your home even better nicer looking than you could have ever imagined."

Location: Iowa City, IA
Model: SPF Western Cedar

Wood Siding Satisfaction Rating:
5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

I decided to purchase wood siding about one year ago. Best decision I've ever made! Before that I had vinyl siding on my house that just looked awful! What I really like best about the wood siding is that it is easy to clean and it really makes my house look richer in whole. So far there hasn't been anything that I can think of that has made me upset about this siding. If I had to say one thing it might be that the neighbors are jealous of it and they keep giving me dirty looks when I am mowing my lawn! So far after a year I have not had to repair any of the siding pieces! This is so much better than what I had before. It seemed like I was constantly readjusting the old siding. Now the wood siding seems to fit perfect. Also when I hose it down after it has gotten dirty, the dirt just slides right off! I would purchase this same brand again. In fact I am currently looking at buying another home to rent out. The exsisting siding on it is horrible! I don't see any reason why I wouldn't replace that siding with this very same brand! If you are looking for siding this is the stuff to get!