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Everlast Metal Siding

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Everlast metal siding is a product of the Everlast Roofing company, which manufactures metal roofing panels. The Everlast II and PBR panel lines may be used for siding purposes.

Everlast Metal Siding Lines

The Everlast II line comes in a thirty-eight inch panel, which covers thirty-six inches. The series of panels available within the Everlast II line are the Omni, Traditional, and Economy.

The pattern of Everlast II creates a board and batten appearance on a building. The panels lock together and create a weatherproof seal. The Everlast II line is painted with enhanced primer and hard paint; heat forming is used to ensure a durable finish. Other finishes that scratch easily can lead to an increased risk of corrosion.

The PBR panels can be purchased in painted or unpainted form. These panels are created using the heat form process and are available in twenty-four or twenty-six gauge steel.

The Everlast II metal siding color chart shows fifteen colors, ranging from burgundy to ocean blue. The PBR twenty-six gauge steel series offers seven colors, including colonial red.

Do-It-Yourself Resources

Application guides are available for download on the company website. Color charts and designing capabilities can also be explored on the website.


Everlast offers various warranties based on the product line purchased. The Omni series has a limited lifetime warranty and a twenty-five year warranty on paint. The painted Traditional series comes with a forty year warranty and the Economy series provides a twenty year warranty.