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Revere Metal Siding

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Revere makes metal siding out of steel and aluminum. These products are, like vinyl, typically intended to resemble wood.

Revere Aluminum Siding

Cedarwood Aluminum siding is designed to look like cedar. Revere uses a special coating process to generate novel and irregular patterns on the material. These patterns make the woodgrain appearance relatively convincing. This line uses Kynar 500 coating to achieve high weather resistance.

The Woodgrain Series 2000 comes as a double 4" clapboard. It has a LoMar polyester coating that is designed to keep moisture out. It is easy to clean; all it takes is a garden hose.

The Deluxe Aluminum line comes either as double 4" clapboard or (relatively wide) 8" clapboard. This is the most simple of Revere's aluminum products. It also comes with a LoMar coating. Revere's aluminum products are made with AA3000 series alloy.

Revere Steel Siding

Cedarwood Steel also looks like cedar. It uses the same Color Fusion process as Cedarwood Aluminum to create its woody look. It comes as 8" or double 4" clapboard. It also has the Kynar 500 coating for extra resistance against mildew.

SuperGard uses galvanized steel with PVC finish for high weather resistance. Revere bills it as a particularly strong model that also minimizes buckling and hides abnormalities in the house's exterior.

Revere steel products are made with G90 galvanized steel.

Revere Colors

The metal sidings come in a range of colors, including bright white, dover gray, almond, antique ivory, sage, canyon clay, wicker, Norwood, brownstone, thistle, classic brown, and Venetian red.

Warranty Information

These products generally have a lifetime limited warranty. Some also come with a 25-year chalk and color change warranty. SuperGard also has a lifetime fade warranty. Revere will pay a diminishing fraction of the purchase price based on how many years have elapsed since installation.