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Revere Vinyl Siding

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Revere makes a few different types of vinyl siding.

Revere Insulated Siding

The company's speciality is insulated and energy-efficient siding. This comes in the form of a product line called Sovereign Select.

The Sovereign Select Trilogy is insulated heavily, with a full 11/4" of insulation contained within the basic panels. These panels also keep out noise and pests, and are designed to resist severe weather including hurricanes. This siding is available either as 6" double clapboard or 5" double Dutch Lap.

Sovereign Select EnergySmart is a similar product available in 4" or 5" clapboard and 4 1/2" and 5" Dutch Lap. This model is extra-long, which reduces the number of seams necessary for installation.

The Sovereign Select Energy Advantage is a similar product that uses Dow's STYROFOAM XPS to add more insulation. It uses a closed-cell design to keep moisture out of the insulation and has a uniform thickness to keep the amount of insulation consistent across the whole surface.

Revere Standard Siding

Revere makes several models of non-insulated siding. Sovereign Select is a thick variety designed to match the appearance of cedar woodgrain. It also comes in an extended-length variety.

Berkshire Classic is standard vinyl siding: straight and smooth. The Berkshire Beaded variation adds extra shadow to the same product.

Centennial Beaded has long (6 1/2") panels. The Driftwood model is designed to look like driftwood.

Revere Specialty Siding

Revere's line of Harbor Pointe products use vinyl to simulate other forms of siding. These include the traditional Shake, which is a regular rectangular pattern, the scallop, which uses overlapping partial ovals, the Cape Cod shingle, and the hand-split shake, which is intentionally irregular looking.

All of these products are relatively easy to install because they use a hidden locking system.

Warranty Information

Most of the above products come with lifetime warranties for color fading and a 50-year warranty for hail.