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Durabuilt Vinyl Siding

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Durabuilt makes siding only from vinyl, thouth they do manufacture a number of different types, with different uses.

Vinyl siding is a relatively low-maintenance product; it usually needs to be washed just once a year.

Durabuilt Basic Vinyl Siding

Durabuilt's most basic product is its 410 series. It has low gloss and is designed to look mostly like wood. The panel is textured to create grooves with shadows.

The 410 series comes in a few different colors: cactus, cape blue, cream, graystone, heather, ivory, linen, stone clay, white, and wicker. The pieces are usually about 12' long and come in widths ranging from 3" to 5". The panel's projection out from the wall is 1/2".

The 440 series is similar. It has a projection of 9/16" and comes in a few additional colors: aspen, blue ridge, and sedona red.

The 450 series has a beaded edge to create a different type of shadow line. The 480 series is also intended to create different shadows, using a 1 1/2" strip above the main board.

Durabuilt Specialty Siding

Durabuilt makes vinyl siding designed to suggest the appearance of specific types of wood. These products have different dimensions from the others because they cover area differently; when installed, they cover approximately 55 1/2" by 12".

The 650 series is designed to look like split cedar. The 660 series is designed to replicate Victorian scalloped sidings. Both types of panel are designed for especially severe weather. They come in four colors: graystone, ivory, white, and wicker.

These specialty panels come in cartons with 10 panels each, covering about 51 square feet.

Durabuilt Soffit

Durabuilt's 900 series is soffit, vinyl paneling intended for the underside of an overhang or porch. Thicknesses range from 0.038" to 0.044". The finish can be wood grain or smooth. All soffit pieces are 12' long.