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Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding

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Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding manufactures a variety of styles and profiles, such as Rabbeted Bevel, Board & Batten, V Joint, Cove, Clapboard, and Channel.

Lodgepole Pine

Lodgepole Pine is the main material used to produce Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding. Normally reaching heights up to 30 m (100ft) and diameters up to 60 cm (2 ft.), this tree is known for its tall, straight form. The Lodgepole Pine can be found in the interior British Columbia and in western Alberta, along with adjacent areas in the southern Yukon and Northwest Territories. It is also found widely in the Western United States.

Many applications for the Lodgepole Pine have become popular, including furniture, windows, louvered doors and shutters, paneling, siding, and moldings, and other architectural millwork. Both manufacturers and consumers appreciate the wood for its availability and workability. In addition, it is environmentally adequate with an abundant timber resource of 1.2 billion cubic meters. As an historical reference, the Lodgepole Pine was named for its use in the winter lodges of many North American Indian tribes.

Wood Siding Lines

While the Rabbeted Bevel siding is produced in a 6" size, the Board & Batten collection is offered in 1" x 8", the Cove, V Joint, and Clapboard can be purchased in 1" x 6", and the Channel in 8".

Care and Maintenance of Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding

According to the Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding website, a yearly washing of a home or building will maintain the appearance and preserve the finish from extensive damage caused by weather or climate conditions.


For the Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding, homeowners will have a 15-Year Factory Finish Warranty. However, the Warranty only applies to textured face siding and is valid when the product has been installed by following the recommended, specific instructions of Cape Cod Finished Wood Siding.