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TruWood Siding

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TruWood siding from the Collins Companies has a comprehensive line of styles and accessories. Manufactured with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified engineered hardwood, the collections range from traditional to contemporary in appearance, including cedar, rustic, lap, panel, and shake siding. Numerous options are available for homeowners when selecting the right TruWood product.

Designer & Reversible Trim

Designer & Reversible TruWood Trim is versatile in its applications, band board, corner board, door trim, fascia, rake board, soffit, and window trim. Suitable for both interiors and exteriors, TruWood Trim has a reversible, Old Mill texture with an authentic cedar look on one side, and a smooth surface on the other.

Designer Shake Lap Siding

Various architectural accents are provided with TruWood Designer Shake 1/2 inch lap siding, produced in 8' lengths. Also, there is a substantial saving in cost when compared to machined shingles or cedar shakes.

TruWood Old Mill Shingle Siding

Less expensive and more durable than cedar, TruWood Old Mill has shiplap edges that are easier to install without the typical number of odd lengths.

Cedar Shake Lap Siding

Cedar Shake 7/16 inch and 1/2 inch Lap Siding features the visual benefits of traditional hand-split cedar shakes, while avoiding the defects, hassles or high cost.

FourEight Cottage Lap Siding

With alternate widths of 4 inches and 8 inches lap siding, the FourEight Cottage Collection also delivers the advantage of a 12 inch wide board to reduce labor expense.

Sure Lock Lap Siding

Flexible, easier installation is possible because of the hidden nail design of the TruWood Sure Lock 1/2 Lap Siding that eliminates surface nails.

Self-Aligning Lap Siding

In order to lower the cost of labor and make the installation process simpler, the Self-Aligning 1/2" Lap Siding is standard with Channel Rustic and Cottage Lap Patterns, and Cedar Shake.

Channel Rustic Lap

The Channel Rustic 1/2" Lap Siding from TruWood looks like traditional lumber, minus any splits, cracks and checks. However, it can be installed on a diagonal design to appear contemporary as well.

Adobe Panel Siding

Even though the Adobe Panel Siding might appear similar to stucco visually, it has the benefits of increased resistance and easier application.

Care and Maintenance of TruWood Siding

Regular inspections of TruWood siding are recommended to check for loose nails, trim trees or bushes, replace damaged caulk, and fix any drainage issues to limit water contacting the product.


A 10-Year Prorated Limited Warranty applies to the TruWood Designer & Reversible Trim, and the following collections have a 30-Year Prorated Limited Warranty: Panel Siding with Shiplap and Square Edge installation, the Designer Shake Lap Siding, and Sure Lock Siding.