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BlueLinx Vinyl Siding

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BlueLinx manufactures two main lines of vinyl siding: lap and specialty. Each type offers a different look for a variety of applications. Plus, the company has numerous vinyl siding accessories, such as a soffit, skirting, blocks, vents, accents, and shutters to customize the outside of a home.

Georgia Pacific Vinyl Lap Siding

A combination of affordability, appearance, and functionality contribute to the Georgia-Pacific vinyl lap siding. Installation can take place relatively quickly because of the interlocking components. In addition, color-through technology makes scratches less visible. Lap siding from BlueLinx can be purchased in various profiles, thicknesses and finishes.

GP Cedar Lane Select Premium Vinyl Siding

Having the visual appeal of natural stained wood siding without the worry of extensive maintenance is what the Cedar Lane select premium collection intends to accomplish. There are seven wood tones featured that have a .046" thickness and a Snap-Tight interlocking system. For a reduction of surface abrasions, color-through technology is applied to the Cedar Lane vinyl siding as well.

Care of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding can endure the elements of weather and climate for years, but will still require routine maintenance and occasional cleaning. Over time, fading, chalking, and mildew might be noticeable. When washing vinyl siding, it's recommended that homeowners start at the bottom of the siding to avoid streaking that can accumulate if chemicals begin to dry from the top as the water runs down. Certain power washers are not designed for cleaning vinyl exteriors and only those that have no greater than 1000 PSI should be used as anything more could damage the siding considerably. Reducing the time it takes to clean the side of a house can be done by using a washer that dispenses at least 4 gallons of water per minute instead of 2 gallons.


Georgia Pacific and Cedar Lane Select Premium Vinyl Siding have a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty.